January Newsletter

We made it! Congratulations!! We’ve beaten the majority of the dark nights, the cold days and a portion of Lockdown 3.0.

Hang in there and don’t despair as the end is in sight!

The first signs of Spring are beginning to show – easter eggs are in the supermarkets, hedgerows are turning green and snowdrops are showing their pretty heads – warmer days are just round the corner.

What has the beginning of the year been like for The Scenic Supper?

Well, we spent January hidden away on the farm, bringing my scribbles and drawings to life.

A dream come true!

First Abu Dhabi, then Lahore, Mundra and now Todenham Manor Farm, our 20ft long recycled shipping container has seen it all! Transforming by the day into our brand new galley kitchen.

Converting it was a home renovators dream – the precise measuring, enthusiastic chopping and the intense precision sawing! The final touches will be finished off this week and more impressively there’s been no lovers tiffs between the 3 of us….

Shou Sugi Ban- (Burning of the wood – which you all heard about in our December newsletter!) is the ancient art of preserving wood without the use of chemicals and paints - it’s fair to say we absolutely got our Sugi Ban on!

In all we burnt, scraped, burnt, brushed and linseed oiled over 2 miles of pine – this definitely kept us warm on those very cold January days! The finished product is everything we hoped for, and can’t wait for it to shimmer in the rays when the sun comes out.

As able as Sam, Scott and I are – we know our limits. That’s where Tom, a close friend from school and a very skilled carpenter comes in to play. He has turned a stack of (purposefully!) burnt timer, more of my scribbles and our collective vision into 7 amazing custom frames ready to be glazed and transformed into our brand new glasshouses.

Their beautiful silhouettes will settle into the rolling Cotswold hills, adding to the already breath-taking view.

If you guessed that greenhouses and I go way back – you’d be right.

I could tell you all about my art installation in 2009 which involved a floating greenhouse, but you’ll have to ask me when you come for supper.

For all of you that have booked for May, please keep an eye out for our Set Menu coming soon!

Stay safe and keep positive about the SPRING!


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